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"Swimming against the current to reach unprecedented heights" – this could well be the mantra of Jennifer Bertoglio, the dynamic founder and President of VitalHire. With a career marked by groundbreaking achievements and a relentless drive for innovation, Jennifer is revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities discover and engage top-tier nursing talent.

‍Jennifer's entrepreneurial journey began with LawyerLink, a pioneering venture that seamlessly integrated project management and lean six sigma practices into eDiscovery document review within the legal sector. This venture not only showcased her unique vision for industry transformation but also established her as a formidable force in the entrepreneurial world. Her efforts led to the creation of a global network encompassing over 14,000 on-demand lawyers, a testament to her ability to foresee and fulfill niche market needs

Her induction into the Chicago Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame is not just an accolade but a recognition of her trailblazing spirit in the world of business. Jennifer's expertise in data science, honed through working on some of the world's most complex litigation cases, has been pivotal in her success. Her work, which involved early large language indexing techniques, was instrumental in uncovering key evidence in high-stake legal battles. This experience laid the groundwork for her innovative approach in healthcare talent acquisition.

  • Serial marketplace entrepreneur. Unique vision to craft industry transformation. 1st company, LawyerLink, pioneered project management and lean six sigma practices into eDiscovery document review performed by the legal industry. Now part of a global network of over 14000 on-demand lawyers.
  • Inducted into Chicago Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame
  • Data science through grit - Engaged in the complexities of some of the globe's most extensive litigation cases, where uncovering pivotal evidence necessitated pioneering large-scale language indexing during its nascent stages.
  • Project Manager /Efficiency Geek - A mom of a kindergarter and eldest of 8 kids. Always finding the efficient way out of mass chaos.
  • World adventure traveler - far-flung, climb to epic heights
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  • 1/1/2017 Began Operations in Healthcare Administrative Needs such as Revenue Cycle, Medical Front Desk, and CMAs
  • 01/01/2019 - VitalHire began staffing clinicians for physician offices and hospitals.
  • 2020 - VitalHire began staffing clinicians for long-term care.
  • 2024 - We transform from staffing to marketplace.

At VitalHire, Jennifer is not just changing the game; she's rewriting the rules. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry's needs, she's creating a new paradigm in how healthcare facilities connect with exceptional nursing professionals. Her approach goes beyond traditional staffing methods, focusing instead on strategic talent engagement and alignment, ensuring that facilities have access to nurses who are not only skilled but also a perfect fit for their unique environments.

As an attorney, born project manager, and self-proclaimed Efficiency Geek, Jennifer's life experiences have shaped her professional ethos. Balancing her role as a mother of a kindergartner, caregiver for elderly father, and the eldest of eight children, she has mastered the art of navigating through chaos with grace and efficiency. This personal journey reflects in her professional endeavors, where she consistently finds innovative and efficient solutions to complex challenges.

‍Jennifer's passion for adventure and exploration transcends her professional life. A world traveler with a penchant for reaching epic heights, her adventures are a source of inspiration and creativity. Her blog, JourneyFarther, is a vivid chronicle of her travels, offering a glimpse into the mind of a leader who finds lessons and motivation in every experience.

Jennifer Bertoglio is not just a successful entrepreneur; she is a visionary leader who is reshaping the landscape of healthcare talent acquisition. Her journey is a compelling narrative of innovation, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. At VitalHire, she continues to pave the way for a future where healthcare facilities and top nursing talent come together in a seamless, efficient, and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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